Mantras for the sponge (with love and compassion and frustration and insomnia and Wikipedia)*

Mantras for the depressed sponge (with notes for instructors/practitioners)

1) I am all pores and channels. A gentle beginning.

2) I do not need complex systems to feel or breathe or eat. The most simple accomplishment stated aloud can often provide a well-needed ego-boost.

3) Allow the water in; allow the water out. This one is particularly beneficial for the sponge with a recalcitrant osculum (suspected or confirmed).

4) I do not wish for symmetry; the shape I am is my right shape. Desire is suffering; impossible desire is the ultimate cause of self-harm.

5) Sessility is a form of serenity. Many sponges are trapped in a cycle of shame and sadness, longing for their once-motile larval selves.

6) My cells will transform; from fragments I will regenerate. Especially helpful for sponges who are experiencing chronic or acute trauma (deterioration of environmental conditions, sudden cold spells, etc.) and who are at risk of/have discussed using the survival pod option.  

7) I am a collaborative being. Freedom is a small price to pay for comradeship. CAUTION: Use with care. Ensure Assessment Form 2A (shrimp codependency check) has been completed.

8) I will only defend myself against true predation/I will defend myself when necessary. Sponges suffering secondary trauma may have developed a habit of hyper-vigilance, leading to chronic generalised anxiety and obsessive/compulsive spicule shedding. Contrary reactions have also been observed; here the sponge must be (re)taught to recognise danger and respond to defend/protect the self.

At the end of each session, lead the sponge back to themselves by returning to the most important mantras.

9) Allow the water in; allow the water out.

10) I am all pores and channels.

*and apologies to Nam Le

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